Thursday, September 22, 2011

the awkward moment when..... leave for stuff behind a trash can so you can run to the van to get the text book you forgot and someone comes out of a class room and sees you rush off with out your stuff.

Poor guy might have thought that i was leaving for one to deposit drugs into my bag.

i literally had fifteen minutes before class started when i rushed out to get my text book. I SWEAR IT'S TRUE.

.....when, shortly after forgotten text book incident, you accidentally drop ALL OF YOUR STUFF on the ground outside of an open classroom full of students taking an exam. i thought sure i was gonna get yelled at.

all i can say is "WHOOPS, SORRY! MY BAD." and go about my business.

.....when you're reading some one's blog, which has music playing, and you forgot that you didn't turn your volume off, resulting in music blasting IN THE LIBRARY. whoooops.......completely accidental folks....


Alyse Bingham said...

Well, regarding the music in the library, it's not like that's NEVER happened before. :)

Anonymous said...

Haha! I love your awkward moments... they sound so me!

SweetCaroline said...

Alyse- very true.

Jamie- hahaha! thanks. it's always good to know that one is not alone, right? :)