Thursday, September 1, 2011

i wish she was my baby.....

see this sweet little baby girl? i fell in love with this little one while in china. we were given the opportunity to visit a foster home that our church sponsors. click here for more info on this wonderful place.

when i saw this baby, she immediately stole my heart. i was informed by ale' (my sweet "lil sis") that she (that baby) had cried for two or three other people. so i was sure to be careful. i came up to her to say "ni hao" and to my shock, she didn't cry. i think that's what made me fall in love with her the most.

anyway, i have claimed her as mine. i even found her again and was able to hold her the second time we were there. i would have brought her home with me, but that would have been frowned upon by the chinese government. so now, i'm hoping and praying that i could possibly support this sweet little one.

<span class=DQ Ji (18 August 2011)">

this picture was taken august 18, over two weeks after we got home. she has already gotten bigger! don't you think so?

this blog post was inspired by my friend, Augusta's blog post. she fell in love with a sweet little face as well. hop over there and see. click on Augusta's name.

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